Marché Restaurant is a proposal that could make your everyday complete – because of the taste of masterfully prepared dishes from fresh and quality products, with the colours of the seasons in the kitchen, with the smell of freshly baked bread and an irresistible invitation for post-meal walk in the Sea Garden of Varna.


Marché is an authentic reminder of the time when everything was natural, real and unadulterated – the tastes, the attitudes and people as well. The restaurant is famous for its brunch, which turns the weekends into an endless time for relax and meetings.


Marché has no analogue in Varna both as an à la carte restaurant and event location. Its artistic interior style adds a pinch of pleasure to its main focus – the gourmet kitchen of Chef Burakov and the perfect service as well.





The concept of the menu not only follows the culinary trends, but also the seasonal desires – our autumn mood for colourful specialties, winter appetites for slow-cooked and game meat, spring walks with takeaway gourmet and summer dinners with friends around the barbecue.

In the summer, the restaurant brings a new menu line to its menu with an emphasis on street gourmet food, on-site snacks, desserts with aromatic coffee and surprising gelato and sorbet flavours. You could taste them in its garden with hammocks between plane trees or in eco-friendly packages for eating on the go.








Working hours

9am – 12pm